Nativity CD


St. John’s Nativity CD

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!



Welcome to the home of the 2009 CD release “Glorify Him”. This is the first recording created by the choir of St. John Chrysostom Russian Orthodox Church and is now available for order.
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  Sample Selections
  01 – Nativity Troparion
  02 – Kathisma Hymn
  03 – Exapostellarion
  04 – Stichera Apostica
  05 - Polyeleion
  06 – Nativity Kontakion
  07 – Cherubic Hymn
  08 – Odes 1,3-9
  09 – From My Youth
  10 – Nativity Troparion 2

 Orthodox theology is expressed in many ways, yet perhaps nothing is as moving as the music and prayers of the Church, which find their fullness in the Liturgy of our patron, St. John Chrysostom, written in the fourth century and adapted from the Liturgy of St. James the Apostle.  On Feast Days, the special hymns pour forth the fullness of 2000 years of unbroken Christian tradition. The Nativity Feast is no exception, and this CD has been lovingly created by our small choir to share with you. We hope you are blessed by this work.

“Why does all nature smile mysteriously on feast days? Why is the heart filled at these times with a wonderful lightness that is incomparable to anything on earth; how is it that the very air at the altar and in the Church become light bearing? This is the breath of Your grace, the glow of the light of Tabor; the sky and the earth are singing at these times in praise: Alleluia!”
- From “Glory to God for All Things”
Protopresbyter Gregory Petrov (+1940)


Produced with the blessing of the Very Rev. Archpriest Andrew Lowe, Pastor

Choir Members
Choir Director: Catherine Beukema
Catherine Beukema - Soprano
Rose Washburn - Soprano
Laura Price - Alto
Laura Hogg - Alto
Robert Meyering - Tenor
I. Thorp - Tenor
Peter Koch - Bass
Patrick Schaffsma - Bass

Music Video Photography, Editing and Production: I. Thorp
CD Jacket Photography Design, Layout and Production: I. Thorp

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